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Technical Information

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Lumen Maintenance Figure L70 is our definition for the lifetime expectancy of our LED light fixtures.
Our LEDs usually have a typical lifetime of 30,000 hours, which means that after that period of time the lumen output is reduced to 70% 
Colour Rendering Ra/CRI

This is an important quality feature of light.

A light source that contains the full spectrum of colours, e.g. sunlight, makes the colours of the illuminated items appear natural.  Depending on use, artificial light should show objects in a light as natural as possible (as in normal daylight).

The colour rendering properties of a light source, expressed in levels according to the “general colour rendering index” Ra/CRI, are the benchmark for this.

A light source with Ra/CRI = 100 reproduces all colours perfectly.  The higher the Ra/CRI value, the more natural the colours are reproduced.

Marks of Conformity

Marking of Luminaries

Symbols for Installation

For the consumer, testing of the safety of the product by an independent, accredited testing agency is indicated by a mark of conformity. The marks of renowned testing agencies are detailed through this link together with the Marking of Luminaries and Installation symbols:

Marks of Confornity


Basic Lighting Terms                   

Those who work with light, sell or explain lighting systems, must know the following basic terms in order to be able to describe light and its effects.


 Basic Lighting Terms

Standard Laws and Directives

Safety and general requirements

 Standard Laws & Directives

Questions / FAQ

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